What’s New and Funky: Countryside Stays

Promoting Japan’s countryside

We recently worked with Gurunavi to create content for Countryside Stays Japan website, for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. The site promotes experiences and stays in Japan’s rural regions. To research and create the content, The FunkyCorp team including Minako, Narumi, Ben and Jeremy, plus our intrepid contributors journeyed far and wide. We harvested rice, picked grapes, made soba noodles, pounded mochi, met local farmers and ate and drank, all in the name of research.

working on a Japanese farm

The result is a new website with an engaging mix of blogs and short films, to inspire further exploration. You can see Jeremy as he pounds mochi and explores Iwate, and Ben and Narumi harvesting rice, playing with adorable Akita pups, and riding a rail bike in Akita.

Harvesting rice in Akita, Japan

We hope our experiences motivate you to explore Japan’s beautiful outdoors, and visit the website.

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