What’s New and Funky: Visit Kyushu

Visit Kyushu
The landing page is simple but strong. Users can scroll down to learn more about Kyushu

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new website we’ve been working on for several months. We designed visit-kyushu.com to showcase the natural beauty and warmth of Japan’s southern island. We worked closely with the Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization to create a compact site that is easy to navigate, using as much material as we could from their existing site, while rethinking and rewriting the information we presented. We focused on UX (user experience) design, from the information, the flow of the pages to the clear infographics and maps.

Visit Kyushu Mt Aso volcano Kumamoto
The site gave us an opportunity to showcase the diverse attractions of each prefecture

With seven distinct prefectures, the challenge was to balance the coverage of each area. We wanted to show the diversity of Kyushu, from modern cities like Fukuoka, to famous hot spring areas like Beppu and World Heritage natural environments like Yakushima. It must have worked, because the FunkyCorp team fell in love with Kyushu, and several of us are planning to take our next holidays there. Beyond the amazing scenery and history, we believe the warmth of the people in Kyushu is the island’s greatest asset.

Local festival in Oita, Kyushu
We wanted to highlight the warmth of Kyushu’s locals and their timeless traditions
Visit the new Kyushu site here

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