Meet the Team: Liza


趣味:スタンプラリー、インラインスケート スラローム、ボクササイズ
好きなアーティスト:Bon Jovi


前職は、映画『関ヶ原』や『スターシップ・トゥルーパーズ レッドプラネット』のクレジットにも名を連ねる3Dモデラー。「女性でありながらプログラミングをしているシニア デベロッパーのKatrinaに入社面談で出会い、とてもかっこよく見えました。プログラミングは男の領域だと思い込んでいたので」。そして、入社後に独学でPythonを学び、Katrinaに触発されてプログラマーの道へ。どんなに忙しい時でも周囲を気遣う、チームに欠かせない存在です。

今、Lizaが夢中で取り組んでいるのが、暗闇ボクシングフィットネスで尽きることのないエネルギーを発散させること。FunkyCorpの非公式「B-monster」アンバサダーとして、彼女の勧誘で入会を決めたスタッフもおりジムへ通う熱中ぶり。 物事を突き詰めずにはいられない性分は語学においても顕著で、母国語であるロシア語のほか、英語、日本語、さらにアムハラ語を学んだことも。学生時代は化学を専攻しながら、独学で3DCGモデリングや2Dアニメーション、モーショングラフィックにも取り組むなど、探求心旺盛な彼女はまさにプログラマー向きと言えます。


Elizaveta (Liza)

Our developer Liza came to FunkyCorp as a 3D modeler, and was credited on films including Sekigahara and Starship Troopers: Traitors of Mars. She was self-studying Python and was inspired by Katrina, our senior developer, to make the move into programming. “When I interviewed and saw Katrina, I thought it was so cool to see a woman in programming. Before, I had a pretty solid idea it was a man’s field.” Since then, Liza has made herself indispensable — no matter how busy she is, she always seems to have time to help.

Her endless energy can probably be put down to her love of B-monster. Liza is an unofficial (but highly successful) ambassador for the boxing fitness class, having recruited several FunkyCorp staff as members. It’s fair to say Liza excels in whatever she puts her mind to. As well as speaking her native Russian, she speaks English, Japanese and studied Amharic, too. Never one to sit back and relax, she also took advanced chemistry in school in pursuit of a career in alchemy and dabbles in 3DCG modeling, 2D animation and motion graphics in her free time.

On the FunkyCorp Slack channels, Liza is always ready with the perfect animal gif, so it’s no surprise to discover she’s a pet enthusiast. She has two cats — one (Snoopy) rescued from the streets and the other (Sausage) rescued from a shelter — and she strongly believes in the Adopt Don’t Shop ethos: “You save a life and you can be sure that at least one thing in your life you did right.”

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