Meet the Team (The Pet Edition)

By Gaby Doman

We’re celebrating our furry (or feathered) support team, who help us relax, unwind and laugh. The FunkyCorp team worked from home for four months and during that time, our pets were also our colleagues, participating in Zoom meetings, joining us for lunch breaks and helping us de-stress. We thought we’d take a moment to appreciate them with their own Meet the Team blog. 


Gonta, a grey rabbit
Gonta showing some FunkyCorp spirit

Coworker: Katrina
Age: 6
Hobbies: Humping, eating, sleeping, pooping (relatable) 
Gonta the muse: Gonta was the inspiration behind Katrina’s first tattoo, a rabbit on her wrist

You might recognize Gonta, an unofficial FunkyCorp ambassador, from our Instagram feed, where he makes regular appearances. The velvet-furred cutie is an occasional visitor to the office, where he likes to hop around under the desks, be adored, and eat apple and banana. The six-year-old fluff-ball belongs to Katrina, who bought him when he was three months old. “I was supposed to buy a MacBook Air that day, but I saw Gonta and I was “Oh my god! This guy!”, so I bought him, instead.” 

Gonta is very affectionate, and will come to find you when he wants attention. He forgets his lack of aero-efficiency and tends to face-plant when trying to hop onto the sofa.


Marya and her lovebird, Nugget
Marya and her sidekick, Nugget

Coworker: Marya
Hobbies: Making her presence known during work Zoom calls 
Special skills: Can poop on command 

Nugget, a three-year-old lovebird, has entertained the FunkyCorp team with her singing on many of our team Zoom calls. The lovebird lives up to her name, showering her owner, Marya, with lots of love. “She’s very clingy and sweet, so she was a great work-from-home buddy.” Despite her affectionate nature, Marya’s young daughter isn’t a fan. “My daughter is terrified of her,” she laughs. Nugget was a spontaneous acquisition who captured Marya’s heart from the window of a pet shop. “I don’t like buying from pet shops, but she looked so sad. I’m usually a dog person, so I didn’t expect to buy a bird at all.” 


Athena the cat in the office
Athena is ready to take a meeting

Coworker: Matt
Age: 18 months 
Hobbies: Napping, knocking over houseplants, watching neighbors from the window
Favorite game: “Tap and run. I’m not sure exactly how to play, but I think she’s trying to teach me,” says Matt. 

Athena is a semi-regular visitor to the FunkyCorp office and, even during our working from home period, she kept us entertained with regular appearances—most notably the time when, from out of nowhere, she launched herself at Matt’s head during a video meeting. Matt bought the Bengal beauty after becoming attached to his sister’s cats on a trip back to the UK. “As soon as I picked up Athena, it just clicked”. Named for the Grecian goddess of wisdom and war, Athena is doing her best to live up to her name. “I thought the responsibility of having her would teach me to be more responsible, so the wisdom link worked”, says Matt. However, there are moments when another Grecian god, Chaos, would have been a more appropriate namesake. “She has learned to open my drawers. She likes to grab my socks with her teeth or paws then throw them out,” he says. “And then she looks at me as if to say ‘what are you going to do about it?’”

Marimo & Momiji 

Two cats relaxing
Working from home is exhausting

Coworker: Mike
Age: 3
Hobbies: Getting into high up places, making noise 
Favorite snack: Churu, a puréed fish treat 

When Mike’s fiance moved from Nagoya to Tokyo, she brought her two cats, Marimo and Momichi. “They were a bit shaken from the Shinkansen, but they’ve settled in now,” he says. 

These two felines have very different characters. Marimo (black) is the quieter of the two, preferring to focus her energies on play fights and exploring every inch of the apartment. “There is only one place untouched by her paws – the high space above the wardrobe. She’s determined to get up there. I see her staring at it, and she often wakes us up trying to make the leap,” Mike says. Momiji (gray/ black) is more talk, less action. “She loves to sleep. When I was working from home she slept all day, but as soon as ‘mom’ comes home she runs to the door and is awake and ready to play,” he laughs. “She’s very affectionate. She’ll rub against your leg and jump on your lap, whereas Marimo will duck if you try and touch her head.”

How did your pets help (or hinder) you while working from home? Let us know in the comments below!

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