Meet the Team: Fouad

Fouad’s enjoying Japan’s fabulous seafood

Name: Fouad Mannou
Position: Junior developer
Childhood dream job: Astrophysicist 
Favorite Tokyo hangouts: The view of Rainbow Bridge from Odaiba Marine Park at night, Shinjuku Gyoen for relaxing in the daytime

Fouad is our newest employee and, despite having worked with us for a few months, our decision to work from home since March has meant that most of the team have yet to meet him in real life. In fact, he’s only just got to sit at his desk in the FunkyCorp office for the first time after almost three months of remote work. Despite this unusual start, Fouad’s big smile and affable manner have seen him develop friendships and find his place in the team. He already has after-work virtual hangouts with his tech team colleagues, Liza and Colin

Citizen of the World

Fouad is no stranger to globetrotting. He’s originally from Tiznit in Morocco, but moved to Brest in France to study computer science, with an exchange in South Korea. As you can guess, he’s multilingual and fluent in Arabic, French and English as well as his native Berber. He picked up a few Korean words and is working on building his Japanese skills. Of course, he’s also fluent in programming languages, including Python, Javascript, CSS & HTML, C++…you get the idea; the guy is a natural at languages.

From Fair to Funky

It wasn’t until he holidayed in Japan that he knew he had found where he wanted to live. “I came to Japan about four or five times as a tourist. I love the culture. It’s mysterious to me, and I want to discover more about it,” he says. “Also, the food is great. I’d been living in France, which has some of the best food in the world, but only if you can afford to eat in luxury restaurants! I always found reasons to come back to Japan, and I knew I wanted to stay here.” Eventually, he scored an internship with a tech company in Shinagawa. He discovered Tokyo’s nightlife through his colleagues, partying until the first train, in Shinjuku and Shibuya. As his internship drew to a close, he met FunkyCorp team members, Jona, Katrina, Tara, and Nao at a job fair. “They got me interested in FunkyCorp, telling me about how awesome the team is…” and the rest is history. 

A Taste of Home

While we have been working from home, Fouad has taken a break from the nightlife, to slow down and spend time using his tagine for cooking Moroccan food— one of the things he misses the most from home. “I’ve enjoyed cooking since I was a kid watching my mum prepare food. It’s really precious to have the time to try out new recipes. It makes me feel happy.” He’s also used the extra time at home to explore his neighborhood. “I like to take long walks around at night. It helps clear my mind and make me feel more creative.” 

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