Meet the Team: Marya

Name: Marya Grebas 
Position: Digital Marketing Associate 
Hometown: London and Tokyo
Favorite food: My husband’s homemade tacos 
Dream job as a kid: I’m embarrassed to say it now, but I wanted to be a dolphin trainer.

Marya joined our digital marketing team at the end of 2019, immediately proving herself invaluable. Her marketing savvy, Japanese heritage and international perspective make her a natural at connecting our clients and their global markets. 

She spent her childhood in Texas, California, and the UK before moving to her native Japan at the age of 15. She says she’s never felt she belonged anywhere, making her the perfect fit for FunkyCorp’s motley crew. 

Marketing meets creativity

Before working at FunkyCorp, Marya was a PR and marketing representative for a Californian accessory brand. She was attracted by its “surf, skate, snowboard” vibe. After four years, she craved some diversity and discovered agency life at FunkyCorp late last year. She was drawn to FC’s high profile clients, laid back attitude, and fancy office. She says working hard across several accounts has really helped her level up, and getting the chance to dabble in localization brings out her creative side.

Pets make great coworkers

Outside of work, Marya is kept busy by her young daughter, who she says is her inspiration. “She’s the reason I push myself to try new things.” To beat stress, she recently took up skateboarding. “I can’t do any cool tricks yet, though.” When she’s not riding, she’s exploring her neighborhood. “I love Kichijoji for the small bars, restaurants, and shops.” It was on a neighborhood walk three years ago that a chance encounter led her to become the proud owner of Nugget, a lovebird. “I don’t like buying from pet shops, but she looked so sad. She’s very clingy and sweet, so was a great work-from-home buddy, though my daughter is terrified of her!” 

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