Meet the Team: Colin

software developer Colin at a Tokyo restaurant
Exploring Tokyo’s izakaya scene

Name: Colin James
Position: Developer
Hometown: Berkeley, CA, USA
Way to keep sane while working from home: Running

Moving to Japan

Colin is not only new to FunkyCorp, but also new to Japan. After working as a software programmer at a large tech firm in California, he decided to take a break from the corporate life and travel around Asia and Australia for nine months. He worked for FunkyCorp remotely for nearly five months before finally joining the team in Tokyo in January. “I loved Japan when I visited, so moving here seemed like a good way to continue the sense of adventure,” he says. “Everything is a bit of a challenge — language, culture, lifestyle — but I’m enjoying the experience.” When asked what he likes most about Japan, Colin has a succinct answer: “Drinking. People here like to have fun.”

From coding to cooking

Recently, he’s been enjoying trying new foods, especially “weirder ones, like horse.” He’s an avid cook, so he relishes the opportunity to re-create some of his favorite Japanese dishes in his own kitchen; something he’s been doing a lot of as we work from home. Gyudon and classic Japanese curry have been among the most successful.

Recommended reading

He also enjoys reading, and has been cruising through novels during the coronavirus-influenced at-home period. His latest pick is “Hyperion” by Dan Simmons. “It’s an easy book to recommend. I think it appeals to a lot of different people.” His other interests have been put on hold due to the current situation, unfortunately. “I haven’t had as much of an opportunity to explore Tokyo as I’d have liked yet,” he laments. “Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see a lot more of the city soon. Especially the bars.”

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