Meet the Team: Karen

Meet Karen, the sunniest personality on our team.

Name: Karen Unten
Position: Production Associate
Hometown: Naha, Okinawa
Favorite way to stay active: Surf Fit classes


That’s how our account team production associate Karen greets her friends in Okinawa dialect. Despite living in Tokyo since she started university, Karen still brings a lot of that Okinawa warmth to the team, with her sunny smile, surfer-chic style and unique turns-of-phrase. 

A day in the life of a production associate

Although she describes herself as being shy, it’s hard to find the evidence, as her infectious giggle trills across the office. Working on the accounts team, Karen is involved in many different projects. A typical day could involve preparing a new proposal, dealing with our long-standing clients or setting up a complex itinerary for a film crew. “Everyday is pretty busy, but it’s a lot of fun” she says. “And before joining, I knew very little about web production. I would like to continue to develop my skills in this role.”

Karen actually became interested in working with us when she browsed the FunkyCorp Instagram account. “From the pictures, it looked like a great place to work, and I’m happy to say that my hunch was confirmed. After all, how many companies have an in-house bar to relax with a drink at the end of the day?”

Finding Okinawa in Tokyo

Even in the depths of winter, Karen finds ways to get out in the sun, venturing to warmer climes like Cebu in the Philippines to hit the waves. The sea, especially on a surfboard, is her happy place. When she doesn’t have easy access to the real thing, she has found a way to catch a wave, right in the heart of Tokyo. “You should really check out Surf Fit in Shibuya,” she says. “It’s quite amazing how simply attaching a surfboard to a yoga ball can recreate the feeling of being on the water.” 

Having lived in Tokyo since she was 18, Karen has definitely adjusted to living in the big city. “It’s practically the opposite of Naha, but the energy and busy atmosphere is exciting. I would really love to visit other bustling places like Times Square in New York City.” When she feels homesick, she heads to one of Tokyo’s excellent Okinawan restaurants. Paikaji is one of her favorites. 

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