Meet the Team: Jona

Meet Jona, our tireless team cheerleader and motivator, who makes our lives better everyday.

Name: Jonathan (Jona) Field 
Position: COO
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Childhood dream job: Pilot. But I think these days it would be pretty boring… 

Most of the FunkyCorp team met our new COO, Jona, at our summer team-building trip in Italy. One of our first encounters was him dancing, poolside while sporting a gold headpiece. Basically, we found a seamless fit for FunkyCorp. 

Jona is the go-to guy at FunkyCorp for, well, just about anything. In mere months, he’s made our lives better with computer system upgrades, streamlining performance reviews and, crucially, buying emergency wine when the usual stock had run out. 

Though Jona is relatively new to the FC office, he’s a long-time friend of the company. In fact, he’s known our CEO, Teru, for around 20 years and says he installed FunkyCorp’s very first server back when he was working in tech support. 

He first came to Tokyo at 15, when he was awarded a one year high school scholarship in Japan. He stayed in the west of the city with a host family, totally immersed in the language and culture. “When I finished, I felt like I’d had a lot more experiences and life journeys than most people my age,” he says. Jona has now spent almost half his life in Japan. 

To show his appreciation for his adopted country, he works with various NPOs, striving to put something back into the community. “I’ve worked with Second Harvest, Japan’s first food bank, for more than 10 years. There’s a paradox that most people don’t realise: a lot of people don’t have reliable access to three meals a day, but there’s also a massive amount of food waste in Japan. Second Harvest works hard to redress that imbalance.” In the aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Jona noticed a significant uptake in people volunteering. “It’s been so good to see Japanese society as a whole become more involved.” He’s keen to spread the goodwill among the FC staff by encouraging us to volunteer too. 

He’s also hoping to share his love for Spartan Races, a muddy obstacle course, which he takes part in a couple of times a year. His love of hiking and trailwalking led him to his interest in this gritty sport. And, though it might prove a challenge to assemble a FunkyCorp Spartan Race team quite as enthusiastic as he is, Jona is already taking teamwork at FunkyCorp to new levels. 

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