Meet the Team: Fukiko

Meet production team member Fukiko, our super writer and translator, with a dry sense of humor

Name: Fukiko Kuno
Position: Production Associate
Hometown: Tokyo / London
Favorite Foods: Almost anything, except ikura (fish roe)

Whether she’s creating Japanese text for international clients that perfectly captures the nuances of the original English, explaining the subtleties of a client’s Japanese text for our English-speaking editors or mixing up cocktails at our office bar on a Friday night, Fukiko is irreplaceable. Working between the digital marketing and content teams, she moves seamlessly between languages, a product of spending her college years in the UK, where she also picked up her dry sense of humor. 

Although she originally hails from Tokyo, Fukiko spent a good part of her life in the UK, from boarding school in Surrey to studying for her BA at the University of Leeds, majoring in Chinese. Luckily for us, she goes back to the UK several times a year, bringing back a huge stash of British sweets and snacks. She has worked at FunkyCorp since it was a tiny office with just five or six people, so she knows our office culture inside out. Every morning, we look forward to the mini fashion show as Fukiko arrives, showing off her collection of cool accessories. Her love of jewellery makes her the perfect person to write Japanese copy for our international client Tiffany & Co. 

When asked what she likes about FunkyCorp, she doesn’t hesitate: “It’s the people and the friendly atmosphere,” she says, “and of course, the Funky way we do things here!” She’s a great talker and a great host: a natural behind the FunkyCorp “Trash Bar”, taking on bartender duties to serve up drinks and life advice (and she’ll drink you under the table). The kindest person you’ll ever meet, Fukiko makes instant friends with everyone, from people to cuddly animals. That’s not to say she’s an open book; she has an air of mystery, and we’ve never found out what she keeps in her handbag to make it so heavy.

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