Meet the Team: Juri

Meet production team member Juri, who swapped corporate life for creative freedom

Name: Juri Nakamura
Position: Production Associate
Hometown: Kobe
Favorite Music: Everything, especially old school hip-hop

Our production associate Juri joined us this year in a whirl of color. The first thing we noticed was her cool fashion style; then we noticed that she always keeps calm under pressure. That could be due to her last job, working in global sales for thermal power plants. When you’re used to dealing with machinery as big as an office building, a website might seem like a piece of cake.

After a few years of corporate life, she had a moment of clarity; “I wasn’t in love with my job. I thought, if I only have one life, I should do something I’m passionate about. I had always been interested in tourism and travel, especially inbound tourism.” FunkyCorp was the perfect fit. Her first impression when she joined us was, “Freedom. People are free to be themselves here, but there are also clear expectations that you will work hard and pull together as a team.” She also felt free to express her love of fashion, drawing on a mix of influences from vintage styles and hip-hop sportswear. “I’ve loved color and fashion ever since I began dressing myself as a young girl,” she says, “I never wanted to blend in and be the same as everyone else.”

In her free time, Juri loves travel, hiking and taking photos. On weekends, she relaxes by drawing and painting, “or just chilling; I like music, especially classic hip-hop like A Tribe Called Quest.” Although she spent four years in a hip-hop dance group at university, we haven’t persuaded her to show us her moves…yet. In Tokyo, she loves hunting for vintage finds and checking out cafes in Kichijoji, or browsing the craft and fabric shops of Nippori to inspire a new weekend project. When she goes back to Kobe, her hometown, she heads to Meriken Park to watch the sunset and gaze out at the ocean. “Something about that view and the sea air; I am home.”

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