Why Travel is Important for Creativity

by Kirsty Munro

If you follow the FunkyCorp Instagram account, you’re probably wondering how much time we spend at our desks! We recently returned from a week of team building and exploring in Italy (mainly Rome and Sicily). Yeah, life’s hard, right?

The team exploring Ortigia

What team building really means

Between the sightseeing and the wonderful dinners, there were many valuable outcomes. While we had formal team building exercises, some of the most valuable work happened in the everyday experiences. Traveling together, cooking together, sharing rooms, supporting each other when we got tired; from saluting the sunset to sharing the driving, it was all good team building.

Saluting the sunset in Sicily

Inspiration and motivation

One of the motivations behind this trip was to give the team an opportunity to understand first-hand what goes into creating and maintaining the highest level of customer service. Now, we are thinking about how we can apply those lessons to our own work; not just for our clients, but for our interactions with each other.

Italy also replenished our stores of creativity. From the magnificent structures of Rome and the cultural melting pot of Syracuse to the Baroque delights of Noto, we were surrounded by beauty and inspiration.

The most beautiful location for a breakfast meeting

How travel changes your thinking

It also prompted us to think deeply about our work back in Japan. Our business is helping people. We help clients in Japan to promote their local culture and we help inbound travelers experience the delights of the country. In Italy, we found thoughtful details like custom walking maps, bespoke local experiences and staff who were always several steps ahead, anticipating their guests’ needs.  A week as tourists in Italy helped us think about how we could better help visitors to Japan, and help each other.

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