Meet the Team: Ben

Name: Ben Soonthornwacharin
Position: Producing Editor
Hometown: Garden Grove, USA and Bangkok, Thailand
Favorite Foods: Spicy

You know those people who can light up a whole room with their smile? That’s Ben, our newest content team member, who joined us this summer. Having grown up in a Thai Chinese family in California, he fits right into our diverse, multi-national team. Before joining FunkyCorp, Ben worked in many different fields, including finance and translation, then subtitled movies and TV shows—a unique skill requiring speed, creativity and good judgement. His first impression of the FunkyCorp office was, “What a great mix of people! I feel like I can belong.”

Growing up in California with regular trips to visit family in Bangkok, Ben loved learning new languages. In high school, he mastered Spanish, moving on to Japanese in college. Now, inspired by trips to Korea, he’s dabbling in Hangul as well. “I love the opportunity to use lots of languages,” he says, “It’s not enough to just learn a language; I want to use it. That’s why I moved to Tokyo eight years ago.” When he’s not supervising translations for our many websites, Ben takes day trips from the city with his trusty Sony Alpha NEX-5 digital camera. Kamakura is one of his favorite spots to take photographs and just relax. “It’s one of my favorite spots for chilling out, especially Gokokuji Temple for its beautiful bamboo gardens, which are very photogenic. Of course, I love walking around Enoshima too.”

He also likes to explore further afield, especially other Asian destinations. He often heads to Korea and Malaysia, when he’s not visiting Bangkok. As a self-confessed bookworm, he always makes time to check out book stores when he travels. Kyobo Books and Thanks Books in Seoul are must-sees. Growing up, Ben’s family ran a Thai restaurant, which makes him a tough judge of Tokyo’s Thai restaurant scene. We’ve watched him in awe as he adds extra chili to already fiery dishes; it’s never enough. Ben recommends Bangkok Kitchen in Shinjuku. “The weekend lunch buffet is my guilty pleasure!”   

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