Meet the Team: Venus

Name: Venus Tong Yee Man
Position: Production Manager
Hometown: Hong Kong
Hobbies: Baseball, traveling, photography

Known for her tough fashion style — think jeans, aviators and Timberlands — and her “just do it” attitude, our production manager, Venus, is truly global. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she spent five years studying and working in California and then ended up in Tokyo on a working holiday that quickly became a full-time job at FunkyCorp. Of course, she has mad language skills, slipping between English, Japanese, Cantonese and Mandarin without skipping a beat.

On any given day you’ll find her curled up on her chair, a giant pair of Bose headphones shutting out the world as she acts like an air traffic controller for our most complex projects. But while she might look cool on the outside, she’s a softy at heart when we have “bring your pet to work day.” She has infinite time for our furry friends.

She loves her “crazy” coworkers and often graces us with her cooking skills. “Mabo Mondays” are a thing here, when she whips up her signature spicy tofu dish. On weekends, she hits out her stress on fastballs at one of Tokyo’s batting cages, or stalks the city with her camera, capturing amazing shots. And her favorite part of Tokyo? The lively town of Ikebukuro that she calls home, and which she is quick to point out is “not in Saitama,” despite what her friends in West Tokyo might say.

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