Meet the Team: Narumi

Name: Narumi Sakuma
Position: Senior Account Manager
Hometown: Tateyama, Chiba
Hobbies: Running, reading, traveling, coffee

Hands down one of the hardest working members of our FunkyCorp team, senior account manager Narumi is a whirlwind of action. She cares about our clients and all our team members, acting as a mentor and big sister to the newer staff. Known for her fierce fashions, from rock T-shirts to shocking pink suiting, it’s no surprise she used to be a fashion editor.

She struggles with the “work hard, play hard” idea, admitting, “Sometimes I just work hard. I need to play more!” She’s working on that, running on the weekends to banish stress and recently taking up the guitar. Recent lunch breaks have seen her flex her air guitar skills, as she strums along to YouTube tutorials.

Although she initially studied in Scotland to be a teacher, she had an epiphany when a magazine caught her heart. “I was at an art exhibition about the actor Tadanobu Asano in London, and I saw an indie Japanese design magazine at the museum shop – I knew immediately that I wanted to work at that magazine (and I soon did!). I realized I wanted to share Japanese culture with a wider audience.” 

When she first met FunkyCorp CEO Teru, she was inspired by how much he’d done at such a young age, and felt she could learn a lot. She soon joined the company as an editor, doing a bit of everything, as most of us do.  Now, she works closely with our clients. “It’s challenging, but also exciting. We have many long-term clients, so we get to know them like friends.” If she weren’t working here, Narumi might be serving very different clients: “I have a dream that one day I’ll live by the beach, working as a barista at a laid-back café…” In the meantime, her Hario V60 drip kettle helps her to slow down and smell the coffee.

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