Meet the Team: Nao

Web designer sitting at a Mac computer

Name: Naoyuki Shima
Position: Senior account manager
Hometown: Kawasaki
Hobbies: Motorbikes, photography, travel

He’s an explorer, adventurer and survivor (he’s had a few spectacular spills, speeding around Tokyo on his Kawasaki motorbike). As the longest serving member of the FunkyCorp team after our CEO Teru, senior account manager Nao is a talented web designer and producer who can create beautiful, user-centered websites, then switch from work to play mode in an instant.

When he’s not in the office, Nao is trekking and riding across the world, from Tibet to Turkey, capturing spectacular images for his @nomadic_nao Instagram account. As a child, his dream job was to be an architect, but he became frustrated by the time needed to study building regulations and engineering, when he just wanted to design amazing structures. “My brother gave me a Mac and I started playing around with programs like Photoshop; I found that I especially enjoyed graphic design.” He joined FunkyCorp to enhance his design experience. “Unlike most companies, I had the opportunity to take on many different roles here. I knew I could learn a lot.” Working with a diverse team from across the globe, Nao really enjoys discovering the different ways of thinking of his team members.

Biking through Ladakh, India

That global outlook inspires him to travel far and wide. Luckily, he’s a natural communicator and can stomach just about anything, from frogs to chicken heads to Tibetan tsampa. Next on his wishlist is the Pumapunku ruins in Bolivia, built around AD 536. “It’s an incredible example of advanced engineering. How did they make something so sophisticated without modern technology?” But at the end of the day, he’s happy to return, refreshed and inspired, to Tokyo, the city which he believes has the best food in the world.

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