Meet the Team: Shuhei

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Name: Shuhei Sato
Position: Production Manager
Hometown: Saitama, with stints in San Francisco and Yamagata
Favorite food: Seafood…all of it

Our production manager Shuhei is our guru of calm. While working across multiple projects and dealing with translators in dozens of languages, he never seems to break a sweat…could be down to the skills he’s learned through playing futsal on weekends, or his love of extra-strong espresso. A man of few words, his sense of humor is subtle, conveyed through a well-timed eyebrow raise or a knowing smile. He definitely knows more than he’s letting on!

After four years in San Francisco studying graphic design, our international man of mystery misses the weather and the parties there, but not the extortionate rents. Since he joined us from a major multinational, he’s enjoying our Funkier way of working, with an emphasis on collaboration between teams and creative problem-solving. “I like that we can be involved in everything here, and I can really understand how my work fits into the overall picture,” he says.

Having worked as a volunteer tour guide in the past, and traveled extensively throughout the Tohoku and Kanto areas, Shuhei is a mine of information on cool places to go beyond Tokyo. He recommends Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki for a short trip, since the gardens are amazing in all seasons. Closer to home, you’ll find him exploring Tokyo’s third wave coffee culture, and chilling with his baby daughter. And since we found out his brother-in-law works at Tokyo’s Toyosu Fish Market and has the inside track on the best sashimi, we’re angling for an invitation to Shuhei’s next summer cookout!

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