Meet the Team: Jeremy

Name: Jeremy Kuhles
Position: Senior Producing Editor
Hometown: Reading, UK
Hobbies: Jazz, cooking, laundry

If you ask anyone at FunkyCorp, they’ll tell you Jeremy is one of the people they would pick to be on their team, whether on a project or an office pub quiz night. He is a reliable, capable team member and a delight to work with. When you’re having a tough day or struggling with a problem, his ability to inject humor into any situation will always lighten the mood.

Perhaps this emotional intelligence stems from his musical background: Jeremy started playing the piano at a young age and studied music at university. For six years Jeremy played piano in the lounge at Hotel Claska in Meguro (he recommends checking out its fantastic under-the-radar events such as the rooftop cinema in summer). Nowadays, he manages translation and localization projects with FunkyCorp and, in his free time, maintains a connection to his musical roots by playing occasional gigs. He also makes jaunts to Blue Note Tokyo to watch mid-week performances. His two careers may seem a world apart, but translation, he says, is not so different to jazz — both a translator and a jazz musician get to put their stamp on an established form.

On weekends, Jeremy enjoys the fact that he can switch off and concentrate on his family. He doesn’t view the idea of “work hard, play hard” in the usual sense. His idea of playing hard means going to the park on Saturday mornings with his daughter. Spending this time is refreshing and motivating for him. “Just watching her learn, adapt and change so quickly is incredibly inspiring.”

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