Meet the Team: Shiho

Meet digital marketing team member Shiho, addicted to travel, learning languages, and pizza

Name: Shiho Kenmochi
Position: Digital Marketing Associate
Hometown: Chiba / Tokyo
Favorite food: Pizza, sushi, yakiniku—all the food!

She’s the newest member of our digital marketing team, but her Instagram game is super strong, full of gorgeous pictures of her travels and food adventures. Living and working in Amsterdam for three years gave her plenty of opportunity to travel around Europe and as far as Mexico. Now she’s back in Tokyo, exploring the west side of the city, from the cafes of Okushibu (the back of Shibuya) to the waterfalls of Mt Takao.

Walking into FunkyCorp the first day, her immediate impression was “cool office!” But most important, she says, are the people. “I felt so welcome here, from the first day. Even though a lot of the work is new for me, everyone has been really patient and I’m enjoying the challenge.” Working in a multi-national team, she has plenty of opportunities to use her fluent English and polish up her Russian, which she started learning from a Russian neighbor when she was a child. Hopefully, she’ll get a chance to show off her Dutch language skills too.

When the weather warms up, Shiho has plans for more travel. “I want to explore Southeast Asia, but closer to home, I’d love to trek through Wakayama. And I’ve never been to Kyoto! I feel like I’m the only Japanese person who’s never been. So that’s on my list, too.” Also on her list: learning even more languages, perhaps starting with Thai, but she’s also interested in Spanish, Italian, Hindi and Tagalog…

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