Meet the Team: Erin

Meet content team member, Erin, our luxury specialist and out-of-hours mountain slayer

Name: Erin Kessler
Position: Producing Editor
Hometown: Booneville, NY, USA
Hobbies: Snowboarding, hiking, exploring Tokyo’s restaurant scene

Known for her awesome cheesecakes, adventurous spirit and infectious laugh (especially after a glass of wine), Erin is the person you turn to on a Monday morning when you need an extra shot of positivity. She relishes a challenge, conquering mountains or chasing powder on her snowboard in her off time.

Erin joined the FunkyCorp family after several years in the luxury travel industry, planning custom vacations for the uber-rich, which gave her the chance to really explore Japan. She’s our go-to for travel advice, though we do have to remind her that we don’t all have that luxury budget! Growing up in upstate New York, she developed a love of the outdoors, which she indulges with weekend hikes around Kanto and epic adventures like her trek in the Himalayas.

As a team member, we love her positive attitude and attention to detail; she’s always ready with good advice, a handy Google Docs shortcut, or a new perspective. She’s passionate about her work and her team. It’s a cliche to say “she always has your back,” but she really does.

If you have some cash to splash, you’ll definitely want to check out the Japan National Tourism Organization’s Luxury microsite brought to you by Erin and fellow producing editor, Gaby, a creative force to be reckoned with.

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