Meet the Team: Gaby

Meet content team member Gaby, a tireless traveler, intuitive editor and inspiring powerlifter

Meet the team, Gaby, Funkycorp, girl with coffee

Name: Gaby Doman
Position: Producing Editor
Hometown: Great Waldingfield, Suffolk, UK
Hobbies: Powerlifting, traveling, bothering cats, drinking stout, gin, whisky
Favorite foods: Big salads, chocolate, fruit, seitan

Known around FunkyCorp HQ for her platinum hair and dry British humor, Gaby is our go-to for the best work playlists, which always have a dash of retro, some cheesy pop favorites and a few unexpected tunes to get us fired up. An incurable wanderlust has motivated her to live and work in the UAE, Cambodia, Thailand, the Netherlands, and Thailand (again) before she joined us in Tokyo late last year.

Gaby’s writing career began in school, when she’d follow her favorite bands around the country to write her fanzine (named ‘Just a Vowel’—future editor in the making.) Since then, she’s worked as a writer, columnist, copywriter, editor and content-marketer, with occasional side-hustles as a yoga teacher and powerlifting coach.

So far, her transition to Tokyo has been smooth; not only does she love her job, but she’d barely landed when she met and moved in with the love of her life (thanks to Tinder).

When she’s not crafting copy and collaborating with our fab team of contributors, she’s lifting, watching other people lift on Instagram, and learning Japanese. Follow her powerlifting and strongman adventures on Instagram at @gabydoman.

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