Meet the Team: Michael

Meet content team member Michael Sosnick, one of FunkyCorp’s youngest and brightest — and a stellar editor.

Name: Michael Sosnick
Position: Producing Editor
Hometown: New York, NY, USA
Hobbies: Skiing, ramen exploration, watching sports
Favorite foods: Ramen, pizza, strawberries

After two years on the JET Program in Kobe and a stint as a ramen tour guide in Osaka, Michael came to FunkyCorp to further his passion for editing and hatred of improperly typed em dashes.

c/o thenoodleslurp

On his days off, you can find Michael on skis or in the Hanshin Tigers and Vissel Kobe cheering sections. FunkyCorp’s youngest staff member isn’t as in shape as his interests suggest; this can mainly be chalked up to eating ramen at least four times per week. Follow his search for the perfect bowl on Instagram at @thenoodleslurp.

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