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プロダクション アソシエイト

朝一番に出社し、大好きな宇多田ヒカルの曲を聴きながら仕事に取りかかるNicole。オーストラリア人ならではの前向きな姿勢で仕事に取り組む、英日バイリンガルのプロダクション アソシエイトです。 未経験で入社してゼロから仕事を覚え、現在はチームの垣根を飛び越えてプロジェクトを円滑に進め、ほぼ完璧な日本語で周囲を驚かせています。



Netflixと映画の大ファンだとも明かしてくれています。5月4日のスター・ウォーズの日にFunkyCorpのインスタグラム に彼女が登場してくれたことで、スター・ウォーズのTシャツのコレクションや、ポップカルチャーに関する百科事典的な知識など、Nicoleの新たな一面を知ることができました。


The first team member to arrive each morning (and crank up her favorite Hikaru Utada tunes), Nicole makes life run more smoothly for all of us with her Aussie “can-do” attitude. The question, “What does Nicole do?” is really “What doesn’t she do?” Since she started at FunkyCorp, she’s been learning the business from the ground up, working across teams, updating websites with pinpoint accuracy and wowing us with her near-flawless Japanese.

Growing up in Australia’s favorite tropical holiday resort Cairns, Nicole was addicted to Japanese cartoons, and took up the language in high school. As she learned more, she became more interested in the cultural differences between the two countries, prompting her to move to Fukui Prefecture three years ago to work with the local government. Sometimes she misses the area’s famous hot springs and delicious seafood, but she loves the infinite possibilities of life in Tokyo.

Since she joined the team in 2018, Nicole has been running rings around us — literally. She’s joined a local running team on sprints through Aoyama and Shibuya on weekends, and even walking to lunch, she leaves us in her dust. She does slow down sometimes, confessing to a big Netflix and movie habit as well. After she starred in our “May the 4th” Instagram post, we discovered another side of Nicole, which includes a collection of Star Wars T-shirts and an encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture.  

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