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Vogueな世界から日本のインバウンドに飛び込んだ、シニア プロデューシング エディター

シニア プロデューシング エディター

和歌山県多言語観光ウェブサイト「Visit Wakayama」と奈良県多言語観光ウェブサイト「Visit Nara」をはじめ、FunkyCorpの仕事に4年間フリーランスとして、関わってきたKirsty。ついに二年前、FunkyCorpに入社しコンテンツチームの正式メンバーになりました。

ロンドンでジャーナリズムの修士号を取得し、故郷のシドニーへ戻った彼女は、雑誌『Vogue』オーストラリア版でファッション ニュース エディターとして活躍。その後、オーストラリアや中東の出版勤務を経て、フィットネス雑誌のエディターに。10年前に出張で訪れた日本に恋に落ち、ノートパソコンを片手に東京へ移住。旅行雑誌や新聞、企業案件のフリーランスライターとして活動し、現在に至ります。



After freelancing with FunkyCorp for the last four years starting with the Visit Nara site, Kirsty finally took the plunge, joining the content team full-time this year. Her energy comes from bouncing ideas around with her team members and countless cups of coffee which she recently started to document on her Instagram account @tokyo.caffeinista.

After completing her Masters in Journalism in London, Kirsty returned to Sydney as fashion news editor of Vogue Australia, followed by stints at publications in Australia and the Middle East, including an unlikely turn as the editor of a fitness magazine “I suggested we do a story on healthy breakfasts including bacon, and the staff nutritionist was horrified”.  A work trip to Japan 10 years ago made her fall in love with the country and she packed up her laptop and headed to Tokyo permanently. After the usual mix of teaching English and freelancing for travel magazines, newspapers and corporate clients, she joined FunkyCorp. Switching to a full-time job again wasn’t as hard as it sounds: “I get to enjoy my weekends again! Working for yourself means it’s very hard to clock off. Plus, the espresso machine at FunkyCorp is top notch.”

When she’s not working, she’s catching a rugby game at Chichibunomiya Stadium near the office, exploring Tokyo’s third wave coffee shops or planning her next trip. She recently moved to the East side, specifically for its coffee, craft beer and art scene. “I’ve been a bit lax about going to the gym lately, so I’ve started walking home from the city, discovering all the amazing waterways that criss-cross Tokyo. I feel like I live in the best neighbourhood of the best city in the world!”

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