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Sitting in the office

プロダクション アソシエイト

自由な服装で働けることは、FunkyCorpの特徴のひとつ。プロダクション アソシエイトの新メンバーMasatoは、前職で義務化されていたスーツとネクタイを脱ぎ捨て、自分らしい個性を発揮できる、リラックスした雰囲気の職場で働けることに喜びを感じています。

お気に入りはクラシックなアメリカン ワークスタイル。リーバイスのタグを見ただけで年代と型番を識別できるほどビンテージファッションを愛し、Five Brotherの無骨なネルシャツをラフに羽織る姿をよく見かけます。 アメリカン クラシックに対する情熱はファッションだけでなく、音楽や映画にも及びます。「僕は現実主義者で、ジャスのメランコリックな雰囲気が好きです。影響を受けた映画は『スタンド・バイ・ミー』。ありきたりのハッピーエンディングでないところがいいんですよ」。




Among the numerous perks of working at FunkyCorp is the freedom to wear casual clothes, and one of our newest team members relishes the opportunity. Coming from the corporate world where he wrote online ad copy, Masato was glad to leave the suit and tie for the relaxed atmosphere and greater personal expression of our office. 

As a fan of classic American workwear, you’ll often see Masato in rugged checked flannel from heritage brands like FiveBrother, and his encyclopaedic knowledge of vintage clothing astounds us. He can tell the age and style number of a pair of Levi’s, just by the color of the tag. His love of American classics extends to the arts. “I’m a bit of a realist, so I appreciate the melancholic mood that jazz can convey. Oh, and Stand By Me. That movie had a huge influence on me. It doesn’t have that typical happy ending, you know?” 
Learning web production from the ground up

In his new role, Masato is looking forward to learning new skills and promoting Japan to visitors around the world. Now, he’s broadening his knowledge of website creation and is working on ways to enhance visitor experiences in Japan. “I’ve always been interested in web production and digital marketing, and if my work can reach a diverse audience, I’ll be happy.” 

On weekends, you’ll usually find him on the tennis court. After playing tennis at a high level for 14 years, Masato’s calm demeanor turns to killer as he charges the net. When he’s not playing tennis, he knows how to relax, seeking out authentic jazz cafes and exploring the hot spring resorts north of Tokyo. He recommends the retro hot springs of Kinugawa Onsen, near Nikko. “Fresh out of a hot bath, listening to jazz while soaking up the rustic atmosphere – it’s like heaven!” 

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