All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

A Quarantine Survival Guide for Extroverts

By Gaby Doman

Last night, my boyfriend came home and said, “you really need to go out, don’t you?” I was lying on the sofa in a full length red dress, a purple sequined jacket and full makeup. I haven’t left the house in a week. To the untrained eye, it might look like I’ve lost the plot, but au contraire: dressing up in my most extravagant pieces is keeping me sane. 

Don’t Sweat It

When it was announced that the FunkyCorp team would start working from home, I was excited about the lie-ins, conference calls in my sweatpants, and all-day snacking. I’m not going to lie; I have taken full advantage of all those perks. But, a month later, I miss dressing up. For some people, spending the day in comfy pants and slouchy sweatshirts is one of the few perks this situation offers. It just makes me sadder. My clothes reflect my mood, and if you see me in sweatpants, it means I’m feeling like an angsty teen, and I don’t want to chat. I can’t keep that up for the whole time we’re quarantined. 

Embrace the Drama

With so few opportunities to exert my extrovert, I have started dressing more like someone from a Tim Walker photo. It’s hard to be sad in a hoop skirt. Instead of your prison, your home can become your set. Use quarantine as an opportunity to dress like nobody’s watching. Dig out anything you’ve been saving for best because, let’s be real, your next masked ball is a long way away. 

More is More

Experience all of the joy of dressing up with none of the instant regret you have when you leave the house wearing something a bit out of your comfort zone. Clash patterns, pile on accessories (wear those nipple tassels!). More is more if it makes you happy. Pro-tip: do a Vogue-esque photo shoot in your house. Wash dishes in a ballgown, sprawl out on a bed of toilet rolls, look wistfully over your balcony, lie on the sofa surrounded by open bags of chips, have a conference call in a tux. Do quarantine, but make it fashion. It’s a mood lifter, I swear, and we all need a bit of that. 


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