What’s New and Funky: Ishikawa Travel

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We recently had the pleasure to launch Ishikawa Travel, a website made in close collaboration with the Ishikawa Prefecture Tourism League. The website highlights the diverse appeal of Ishikawa’s three distinct regions: the cultural hub of Kanazawa; the onsen-rich Kaga area; and the rugged, rural Noto Peninsula.

Members of the FunkyCorp team spent two weeks exploring every corner of Ishikawa. Experiencing its charms firsthand gave us the inspiration to create 35,000 words of original content and a refined design that captures the area’s rich culture and heritage.

During our research trip, we often heard that one had to come to Ishikawa themselves to really “get” its appeal. We took that as a challenge, and elevated ishikawatravel.jp beyond simply introducing tourist attractions. We crafted the website to reflect the prefecture’s unique atmosphere and character, and bring some of its allure straight to your web browser. 

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