Meet the Team: Hikaru

Name: Hikaru Takeuchi
Position: Digital marketing manager
Hobbies: Drawing, napping, taking photos of her two Java sparrows
Current music obsession: Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan

Our digital marketing manager is the creative and strategic force behind the social presence of some of the biggest luxury brands — as well as FunkyCorp, of course…

While she exudes sweetness and serenity, she’s bitingly funny. She has a knack for perfectly timed quips and is positively bubbling with creativity. When she’s not at work, she channels her talents to create whimsical watercolors and digital drawings of animals and plants. Though her life revolves around digital, she has a fondness for analog, too. “I love analog cameras — I probably have four or five at the moment. My absolute favorite is a Yashica T-3 which has a vertical viewfinder, so I can surreptitiously take photos without putting the camera to my face.”

Hikaru captures the FunkyCorp ‘Born Global’ ethos, having lived in South Korea, York and Manchester. She had originally planned to be a teacher, but a stint as a teaching assistant in the UK revealed a critical flaw: “I thought I liked kids, but I don’t. They’re a noisy bunch of monkeys,” she laughs. Luckily for us, three years ago, she headed back to Japan and joined FunkyCorp, instead.

It’s the creativity of the job and the closeness of the team that make the role so special, she says. “Everyone is so easy to talk to. There’s no bad vibes — we’re pretty close, so if you have a problem, you talk it out. I love that we all hang out outside of work, too.”

Hikaru believes in working hard and resting hard. She counts napping as one of her favorite hobbies, spending her weekends nestled at home watching Netflix (her current favorite is The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story) and snoozing. If you ever drop by the FunkyCorp office at lunchtime, you may just spot a Hikaru-shaped bundle on the sofa, catching some z’s while most people head out for lunch.

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