Get Out of the House: Tokyo’s Best Spaces for Coworking

by Kirsty Munro

Paid coworking spaces

This is part two of our series on coworking spaces in Tokyo. Check out our favorite outdoor and free work spaces

Tsutaya Book Apartment coworking space
Tsutaya Book Apartment has plenty of space to stretch out

When you really need some peace and quiet to get work done, it’s worth paying for a good work space. Paid coworking spaces have the advantages of reliable Wi-Fi, convenient power outlets, comfortable work chairs and extra services, from luggage storage to courier pick-ups and meeting rooms. Making or taking phone calls in public spaces is usually frowned upon, so look for a quiet booth or duck outside.


Bizcomfort coworking space in Kanda has a tatami room
Each Bizcomfort location has a distinct style: there’s even a tatami room at the Kanda branch

With locations in Tokyo, and across Kanto and Kansai, BIZcomfort is known for quiet workspaces close to major train stations. Each venue has a mix of lounge areas and dedicated work booths, all with power outlets, free Wi-Fi, printer and free drinks. The Harajuku branch has a roof terrace. For an extra fee, you can rent a locker or get courier and post pick-up and delivery. Bring some form of photo ID to register.

Price: ¥300 per hour, or ¥1,000 – ¥2,000 for a full day. Monthly plans from ¥2,000 a month.

Hours: 24 hours


Tsutaya Book Apartment

Tsutaya Book Apartment coworking space in Shinjuku
Plenty of power outlets and comfortable work spaces at Tsutaya Book Apartment

Over three floors near Shinjuku station, this mix of coworking and relaxing spaces is popular, especially on weekends. The 4th floor is dedicated to work, the 5th floor is a book store / library with lounge areas; the 6th floor is a women-only lounge and workspace. In addition to free Wi-Fi throughout, there are power outlets at most seats and free iMacs and iPads on the 5th floor, depending on availability. The complex has private rooms and showers, so it’s a good option if you miss the last train home. Bring photo ID to register.

Price: ¥500 per hour or ¥2,800 for 6 hours and ¥5,500 for 12 hours

Hours: 24 hours


Ninetytwo 13 by Tokyo Chapter

If you need inspiration, try this comfortable but rather eccentric space behind Tokyo Midtown Roppongi, styled like an atmospheric warehouse film set, with vintage furniture. It has services like high-speed internet, printing, scanning, a bilingual front desk service, even a laundry and a gym. There are regular events and networking nights, often with an alcohol sponsor, to help break the ice and make creative connections.

Price: You can rent a desk by the month from ¥29,000 or drop in for a day for ¥2,000

Hours: 24 hours


Open Source Cafe

Open Source Cafe coworking space near Shimokitazawa Station
A quiet library space or a buzzy cafe space to suit your work style at Open Source Cafe

At this cafe / coworking hybrid near Shimokitazawa Station, you can bring your own snacks and buy tea, coffee and soft drinks. You’ll find free Wi-Fi, inspiring books, computer monitors and a helpful international community of programmers who gather here daily. The cafe space can get noisy, but you can retreat to the library for more quiet.

Cost: Drop in for ¥1,000 a day or become a monthly member for ¥10,800

Hours: 10am – 8pm; closed on Fridays


Have you tried any paid coworking spaces in Japan? We’d love to hear about your experiences and any recommendations in the comments below.

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