Meet the Team: Beck

Meet tech team member Beck, joker, pop culture aficionado and expert software developer

Name: Beck Chen
Position: Senior Software Developer
Hometown: Taipei, San Francisco, L.A.
Hobbies: exploring the city, running, going out to bars and restaurants
Favorite foods: ramen and kakigori
Dream jobs as a child: astronaut, superstar athlete, professional violinist

He’s our resident foodie, king of bad jokes and most likely to wake us up with a surprise dose of Britney or Selena (played LOUD), when we’re hitting the 4pm slump. Oh, and he’s also our senior software developer, coding magical applications without breaking a sweat. Beck says he left the “new Silicon Valley,” aka San Francisco, in search of adventure and cultural immersion in Tokyo, but we know it was really about the food! This serious foodie makes us jealous with his snaps of gorgeous feasts and secret sake bars.

We love his technical skills and work ethic, but his quirky sense of humor makes our day. If you meet him around the coffee machine, prepare for an interesting chat that might start with rhinos trying to escape from zoos and end with his deep thoughts on In-N-Out Burger. His logical leaps are…unique!

How does he find life at FunkyCorp? Beck says he enjoys the opportunity to be creative, adaptive, and fully immerse himself. Working in Tokyo, and with a company that creates a lot of travel-related sites, he can put himself in the traveler’s shoes, which helps him to create relevant products and a great user experience.

He’s only been in Tokyo for six months, but he’s already found some favorite restaurants, and not all of them have Michelin stars or secret phone numbers. In a city of great ramen joints, Beck recommends Ramen Kanekatsu in Kawaguchi, Saitama; “It’s totally worth the trip.” And when he’s not eating, he’s running laps around the city — that childhood dream of becoming a star athlete wasn’t so crazy.

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