Meet the Team: Maho

Meet Maho, our fearless fixer and account team member.

Name: Maho Ohsumi
Position: Account Manager
Hometown: Tokyo
Hobbies: Shopping, snowboarding, beer, trying new restaurants
Dream job as a child: A detective (she would have been an awesome one)

Maho is our fixer, our cheerleader, our ride or die—she’s always the first to pitch in and help with a smile, and nothing phases her. Whenever an urgent request or problem arises, we ask: “What would Maho do?” Hard work is her drug of choice; “This makes the weekends much more fun!” she says.

After three years living and working in London and Dublin, she’s moved back to Tokyo to help promote Japan to the world. She loves working on projects with a global focus, and although she misses the Guinness pubs of Dublin, Maho knows all the best places for an authentic pint in Tokyo.

Connecting with friends from all over the globe gives her energy, and she loves learning about diverse cultures and ways of thinking. It’s a skill she brings to FunkyCorp, where she loves working across different teams. In her free time, she swims, cycles, snowboards, shops, explores Tokyo and discovers new bars. “Work hard, play hard” isn’t just a motto for Maho; it’s her way of life.

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