Welcome to Our New Office!

We’re pleased to announce that FunkyCorp has moved into our new space. Over the past two weeks, our Minami-Aoyama office has started feeling more like home.

The entire space has been designed with purpose, from the long, shared desks to the private phone booths and central bar. The office is just as optimized for solo and collaborative work as for after-work drinks or a lunchtime nap by the window. We’re constantly energized by its sense of place — the eighth-floor views are an ongoing reminder of the creative spirit flowing through Tokyo.

Our new office embodies FunkyCorp’s core values through sleek design with a friendly, communal focus and a spark of individuality.

To welcome members of the extended FunkyCorp family into our new home, we held a get-together for our freelancers. It was great to put faces to the names that have been so integral to our continued success. Over pizza and drinks, we discussed current and past projects, gave tours of the office, exchanged stories and had a few laughs.

The new office has already accomplished its purpose — bringing us all together to work toward a common goal.

Interested in working with us? Visit our Careers page for open positions!

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